Wicked Skulls

Wicked Skulls | OM Art session | 10.10.12 @ Drishti Gallery

Today was the first OM art session this fall. I gave the kids skulls and fluorescent paints & some wicked skulls were created. Check it out! Sign up for OM Art Fall classes here at fringeokc.com

Ever (my daughter) is helping set up.
The kids are having fun using fluorescent paints on black skulls. I found these skulls at Michael’s & spray painted them black so the colors would pop. I showed an example of a skull I made and let the kids come up with their own creation. They enjoyed the abstraction… just letting the paint flow and drip. The black skulls morphed to super wicked skulls!
Ella is making a skull reminiscent of “fleurs pour les morts.”
Check them out!