My painting “Perfect Day” sold at IAO Red Dot this year. I am grateful to the buyer, IAO & Dan Garrett for the support!

Perfect Day” Acrylic on Canvas 2012 18″ X 36″ 

I am excited to participate in the IAO Red Dot  this year. This painting was inspired by clear blue skies and the pure fulfillment of pushing paint around until completely satisfied. Lately when painting I have been working without intention until something unpredictable and beautiful originates. It is a great way to convey emotion with color, movement & texture.

It is interesting… I found an old cd case I made at Spectrum Mfg back in the late 90’s (first graphic design job out of college.) It was a collage of color decals. I made more things that looked like this too that I need to dig up. Anyway, it is comforting to me that these old ideas are resurfacing. I can see the similarities between these two different mediums with relation to the overlays and composition. See below image.

Thanks to Dan Garrett for reaching out and including me in this event. I hope to see everyone out at IAO.

Detail of texture

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