Lakepointe West Installation

In May, I installed six custom paintings at Lakepointe West in Oklahoma City for NAI Sullivan Group. The scope of this project also involved updating the 5th floor with new carpet and wall paint. So, I provided artwork proposals, wall color swatches, and design consultation which is pretty cool because nothing is more exciting to me than determining the entire look and feel of a space.

The objective for the renovation in the common area was to bring the outdoors inside because there are no windows in the hall. The large colorful abstract works I created are inspired by the Oklahoma landscape. I used deep dark lake blues, grassy greens, pale yellows, and rusty reds.

christie owen-lake blue
lake blue
christie owen-painting with texture
detail & texture
christie owen-rust painting
rust & pale yellows inspired by the Oklahoma landscape
christie owen - repose gray
repose gray wall paint




christie owen-rust painting installed
rust painting install view | acrylic on canvas | 48″ x 48″
christie owen-lakepointe west - NAI Sullivan Group
lakepointe west installation for NAI Sullivan Group | acrylic on canvas | 48″ x 48″
christie owen-blue paintings
lake blue painting installed | acrylic on canvas | 60″ x 60″
christie owen-art commission for lake pointe west oklahoma city
I thoroughly enjoyed working on this art commission from concept to completion. Creating visual solutions, atmosphere and a sense of balance is my obsession and purpose in life. 
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