I designed these show graphics for Locus using the 3 rings to represent all geographic locations and cultures. In an effort create a simplified icon of unity I chose neon variations of the 3 primary colors. The primary colors relevance is attributed to the principle that all colors can be created from red, blue and yellow. Just as all cultures in society evolve from the same human roots and blend together to create more diverse civilizations.

I am showing an installation from the Nodo series at this show. Istvan Gallery sold the white one and I have since replaced it with a larger raw Nodo.

Nodo Series Copper, powder coat Nodo # 15 (Sky blue) 12” — $200 Nodo # 14 (Red) 12“ — $200 Nodo (White) 22” — $500 sold Nodo #12 (Raw) 24” — $600 Nodo # 11 (Black) 36” — $1500


Even though our lives may seem complicated at times, the big picture is remarkably beautiful. Each bundled sphere represents the complexity and characteristics of individual people from all over the world. Joined together these sculptures represent unity, strength in numbers, beauty and diversity as cultures merge together peacefully. “Nodo” translates to “tangle” in Latin. Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor / Lighting Custom Finishes Available


In every corner of the world people interact with physical objects or intangible sensations, languages, or customs, which reflect and enrich every society. Each involves the human being in different ways by capturing and representing diverse environmental practices, ethnic traditions, social behaviors and experiences through forms, colors, symbols, or creative acts. The women of FRINGE, OKC’s Women’s Art Organization, will be hosting LOCUS: A Journey of Culture and Cultivation. The show’s focus is how “place” arouses their soulful cultivation and enlightenment in their work.

Participating artists are:

AK Westerman

Beatriz Mayorca

Brandi Downham

Cassandra Wozniak

Christie Hackler

Christie Owen

Debra Ashley

Jeanne Ward

Jessica Craddock

Lisa Allswede

Mary Ketch

Vanessa Lango

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