Verbode Urban Core Artist

Featuring works by Christie Owen & Friends
Opening Reception
 April 21 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

In conjunction with Automobile Alley’s monthly “Shop Hop,” Verbode presents a new art installation by artist Christie Owen and friends. Verbode is a Downtown Real Estate Office focusing on OKC’s urban core.


The event features the work of local artist Christie Owen, who has selected Ashley Griffith and Christie Hackler to participate in a group show. The reception will showcase an array of contemporary art including paintings, sculpture and photography. It is free and open to the public. Visitors will be able to the meet the artists, enjoy hors d’oeuvres & beverages. 

Christie Owen is the 2016 Urban Core Artist in Residence at Verbode. The real estate group provides the artist with a showroom for the year and hosts quarterly openings. The collaboration between Verbode and the artist engages different cross sections of the community with local art. With each quarterly show at Verbode, the artist has the opportunity to work solo or in a group format to create dynamic and progressive exhibits for the public that reflect the flourishing creativity of the Oklahoma art community. 

Verbode is located at 415 North Broadway, Suite 101 in Oklahoma City, in the TAP Architecture Building. Exhibit opens April 21 and closes June 2, 2016. Daily viewing is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. However, please call 405-406-4468 before visiting to ensure the space is open. Sponsored by: imortgage.com

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“Stop Over” SOLD @ BD Home
Acrylic + resin on panel 36″ x 48″ x 3″

Oklahoma Contemporary


Christie Owen had the single largest sale at ART NOW 2016 at The Oklahoma Contemporary.

 Her piece “Sugar Mountain #7 & 8” sold for $15,000 at the opening reception. The diptych painting was created for the exhibition. It is 14′ x 5′ and acrylic on panel. Christie donated 50% of the sale to The Oklahoma Contemporary.



Oklahoma Gazette : FRINGE (OKC Women Art Organization)

November 19, 2015 / Inspiration, News, Paintings, Shows, solo exhibition /

Thanks @Jack Fowler at Oklahoma Gazette​ for the write up!

Being co-founder and former Vice President of Fringe Art was a both a catalyst and a spring board for me in so many ways. This organization is such a great resource for women artists in Oklahoma! Back in 2011, Christie Hackler and myself started Fringe with “Link” — the premier group show with other women artists.

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July 25, 2013 / Inspiration, News, Sculpture, Shows /

My next show with FRINGE. I designed the postcards and decided to use absinthe inspired art. I will also be showing 6 new 6″ x 6″ wall sculptures and some pieces from my Nodo series.
The images below are just a preview of some of the work… There has to be some element of surprise for the show. I will post more images of the show and my work after the opening reception.


Dream States
6″ x 6″ Mixed Media Wall Sculptures
As we go along for the ride, our dreaming can take us through vivid narratives we barely remember. This series attempts to reflect the fragmented experiences and stages we are able to encounter asleep or awake.

Nodo Visio
When dreaming things are not what they seem and the impulsive and tangled visions encountered can leave us lost in beautiful and entertaining moments. Like a vision in my dream, this sculpture is a captivating remnant of interlaced occurences and random exploration.

Latin translation:
nodo = tangle/knot
visio = vision

Suitable for Sculpture / Indoor / Outdoor / Lighting
Custom Finishes Available

opening reception with the artists
PASEO 1st FRIDAY AUGUST 2nd, 2013 6 to 10PM
closing date
AUGUST 31st, 2013
exhibition location
gallery hours + contact
WEDS – SAT 12 to 5 PM • 405-606-2522
more information
fringeokc.com • akagallery.net

From the frightening creatures that crawled from the floorboards to haunt our youthful slumber to our struggle to comprehend the symbolism behind the nocturnal chimeras of adulthood, our dreams inspire us, terrify us, comfort us, and provide an endless mental labyrinth of imagination and possibility. Even our daydreams provide us with respite and often result in increased creativity and innovative thought. With “Reverie”, the women of FRINGE bring to light the visions that were borne of the dark.

Juried group exhibition featuring art from:
Christie Hackler, Christie Owen, Angela Westerman, Lisa Jean Allswede,
Brandi Downham, Sarah Day Short, Krystle Brewer, Mary Ketch,
Brooke Rowlands, Debra Ashley & Vanessa Lango.


August 31, 2012 / Inspiration, News, Sculpture /

Here is an art lesson I taught at Special Care last month.

“Roly Vessels / Bowls” are made by mixing 2 different colors of clay and rolling the clay flat and then dropping into a bowl shaped form. The kids enjoyed playing with the clay and the kids get to keep these awesome pieces of art to remember all the fun.

Huge thanks to Chesapeake Operation Blue for the hands on help w/ the kiddos and Cynthia Curry for firing these beauties in her kiln. Michael Collins and Special Care for the opportunity.



January 27, 2012 / Inspiration, News /

I taught art to the 2 to 4 year olds at Special Care. The plan was to go with the flow and just let the kids enjoy working with all types of different tools and paint. I sketched out an outline of downtown Oklahoma City on poster paper that was attached to the wall. I showed the kids some of various things they could use; found objects, brayers, squeegies, stamps, etc. The kids had a great time experimenting with the different shapes and working together to create a mural. After the painting session, I cut out the buildings & other outlined shapes adhered the abstract scene to black paper.

This was my first time teaching art class there and marks the start for a new art program at Special Care. I hope to bring other local artists from the FRINGE art organization to the school so Special Care can have a multitude of both different artists and mediums.

This amazing school is dear to my heart for so many reasons. I’d like to thank Michael Collins, Pam Dean, Kelly Clark, the teachers, parents and everyone involved. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share art with these amazing kids.

Below is my lesson plan:

“Paint OKC”
Ages 2 – 4

Special Care Students will discover how different found objects and tools create different textures and patterns while creating a cityscape of downtown Oklahoma City. There are plenty of sensory elements to this project, such as textures, color and movement. Students with fine motor skills limitations will benefit from the pre-cut shapes, larger surfaces and larger tools, such as squeegee or brayer (roller) & we will also have paint brushes. Children with sensory issues, autism or visual impairments will benefit from art projects that use vivid colors and textures.

Poster Paper (attached to wall w/ packaging tape)
Tempera Paint
Flat dishes
Paper Towels
Stamping and texture making tools (brayers, squeegees, found objects / anything to dip in paint)
Paint Brushes

How to
Set up a paint station with a large piece of paper and flat dishes filled with several colors of paint. Before class, trace an outline of OKC on the butcher paper. In addition to other elements like clouds, sun and trees. Students dip the objects and tools into the paint and apply them to the paper. As students paint, I ask, “Do all of these things paint the same way?” Point out the different spots and say, “You painted here with a stamp and here with a brush.” Ask, “Do they look the same? How are they different?” When the paint has dried, students can feel the surface of the painting. Ask, “How does it feel? Is it smooth or bumpy? What object made the smooth part? What object made the bumpy part?”
Set up your own mural displaying the city the students created.

Early Start Art

January 27, 2012 / Inspiration, News /

Last Friday, I taught art at my daughter’s school. I had the entire 2nd grade – some 80 students at once. They piled on the floor with clipboards eager to create their own masterpiece. Art is not offered until 3rd grade and I volunteered because I believe art is fundamental in early education.

I showed them references to Kandinsky’s art as well as talk a bit about abstract art. I also showed the kids a jar filled with water and oil to demonstrate how the 2 substances never mix. Oil crayons and textured paper were passed out and the instruction was to draw anything “not real.” Then the classes separated back to their home rooms to do the “resist” with water color over the oil crayon. It’s really amazing to see the art from the kids. Next week I will make a mural of all the kids “Kandinsky” inspired art to hang in their cafeteria. Below is my lesson plan.

Lesson Plan
Style: Abstract
Discipline: Science
Medium: Mixed / Resist

Oil Crayons
Water color paint
Paint brush
Water cups

Show the oil and water with food coloring in a jar. Shake it up and explain oil and water do not mix. Their chemical make up is different. Oil forms circular droplets within the water. It floats because its density is less than that of water.

Next, Talk about the artist.
What type of art did Wassily Kandinsky do? Abstract art.
Why did he make abstract art? He found that paintings can be more beautiful without a realistic subject.
Bright colours on a dark background reflected in much of his early work.
He started painting at the age of 30.

The demo / intro is brief and direct so the kids have time to actually make art and can remember some basic facts.

What You Do
Draw a design or picture with crayons. Light colors work the best but the kids can experiment.
Make sure to press hard with the crayons so they show up under the paint.
When you finish your drawing, lightly brush paint over the picture. The areas of crayon will resist the paint.Let the kids enjoy the medium. Shapes do not need to be perfect: in fact, squarish, crooked and off-centre look better than perfect.


November 4, 2011 / Inspiration, Sketchbook /


Quick sketch / study of my 7 yr. old daughter, Ever. I am making some sketches of her and my husband for future portraits.

OVAC 12 X 12

August 29, 2011 / Gallery, Inspiration, News, Shows /


“The metal sign, or ‘sign of the goat,’ has all but lost its impact as a token of respectful recognition for something truly ‘rocking’ or ‘metal,'” SMC president Terence “Geezer” Butler said. According to Butler, members are upset that their sacred gesture is being used to acknowledge and celebrate “favorable but clearly non-metal events.”

The Onion

I read this article and it inspired me to make this painting… I love the idea that a hand gesture can be abused… awesome!

See or buy @:


Saturday, October 1, 2011
50 Penn Place
1900 Northwest Expressway


Digital Abstract

I made this in photoshop and will use it as inspiration for a new 4 ft X 4 ft painting.