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March 9, 2013 / News, Sculpture, Shows /

I am in the studio all of March for these upcoming shows:

Chandelier @ Living Arts Tulsa

Friday, April 5, 2013 – 6:00 pm to Thursday, April 25, 2013 – 8:00 pm

Chandelier An Exhibition of Illuminated Objects

Over 30 Chandeliers from various talented artistics and craftsmen will be hanging from the ceiling at the Myers Gallery at Living Arts through the month of April. Opening on the first friday for the Friday Arts Crawl, chandeliers made from metal, wood, glass, clay, paper,plastics, etc. will be displayed and available for sale. A chandelier is a branched, decorative lighting fixture that holds a number of bulbs, candles or other methods of lighting and is suspended from the ceiling. These chandeliers will defy and redefine your vision of a chandelier.

Sculpture Park @ Downtown OKC Festival of the Arts 

April 23-28, 2013
Downtown Oklahoma City

Sculpture Park is an area on the east lawn of Stage Center devoted entirely to showing medium and large size sculpture pieces. This curated exhibit allows only invited artists and Plaza Artists to exhibit.

FRINGE @ Istvan

May 17, 2013

This is a conceptual show featuring the work of Fringe (Oklahoma City Women’s Art Organization.) This show will be centered around culture and cultivation.


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January 30, 2013 / Gallery, Jewelry, News, Sculpture, Shows /

I have sculpture and jewelry on display and for sale… come out and visit me at Studio Six this Friday:) Images below of the work I have on display & for sale. Thanks to Sue Sullivan, Regina Murphy and Mary Nickell for having me at their beautiful studio. It was a great success! Thank you to patrons and supporters of my art; Patty Newman, Randel and Dana Shadid and Linda Loo Tripp.


August 31, 2012 / Inspiration, News, Sculpture /

Here is an art lesson I taught at Special Care last month.

“Roly Vessels / Bowls” are made by mixing 2 different colors of clay and rolling the clay flat and then dropping into a bowl shaped form. The kids enjoyed playing with the clay and the kids get to keep these awesome pieces of art to remember all the fun.

Huge thanks to Chesapeake Operation Blue for the hands on help w/ the kiddos and Cynthia Curry for firing these beauties in her kiln. Michael Collins and Special Care for the opportunity.



August 1, 2012 / Gallery, News, Shows /

Here is my work for “Make Art : Not Trash” at Fringe gallery. Make sure to stop by this Sat. for an artist talk w/ Ron Ferrell and the Fringe artists. It is a beautiful show and reminds us all to think twice before throwing something away.

Make Art : Not Trash is an environmentally conscience event featuring a recycling inspired art show to encourage waste reduction, reuse, upcycling and a cleaner environment. Each artist has created an array of unique artwork from materials that would be normally discarded. Fringe artists hope to inspire the community through artistic and environmental expression and to change the perspectives that frame the beliefs of upcycling and reusability.

Event Photos from July 27th Opening Reception

FRINGE MEMBERS ART SHOW : On exhibit until Aug 18th | Every Sat 10 – 4 / or appt. by request (online form)

Location: Fringe Gallery : 4027 North Classen Blvd : OKC
Contact : info@fringeokc.com : 405 698 0278


May 26, 2012 / Gallery, News, Photography, Shows, Sketchbook /

May 18th our art organization, FRINGE opened a brand new gallery at 4027 N. Classen Blvd. with an art show called “I See What You Are Saying.” This conceptual show involved all of the FRINGE artists to create work inspired by any form of written word.

Below is the show concept and more information.

When reading a story, poem or verse our brains conjure up unavoidable images, which attach to the characters, settings and themes.  These images are uniquely subjective and can only be seen by the mind’s eye, unless they are some how transformed into the physical realm. The women of Fringe, Oklahoma City’s premier all women’s art organization, would like to invite you to I See What You Are Saying, an art show focusing on how the written word inspires creative thought. Each artist has been asked to interpret her chosen literary element into a visual creation. The show will be a good representation of many different mediums and styles. Additionally, the Fringe artists will be hosting I See What You Are Saying as their maiden voyage in their brand new gallery at 4027 North Classen Boulevard.

(Twilight & Early Morning)

This address was once where Dr. Boyd Lester practiced psychology and where I discovered his book of poetic prose. At the same time that Boyd retired he relinquished his dwelling and granted us our new gallery space. Regeneration and my affinity for Boyd’s writing inspired me to create these sculptures. The wooden blinds that used to be on the windows in this room were repurposed to represent Boyd’s poetry and transformation of this space and our lives.

(Early Morning)

“Early Morning”
Reclaimed wood
4” x 10′

Early Morning
by Boyd Lester

Whether brisk or gentle
An early morning breeze will shift
Newness – with the dew
Must lift.
Concentric rings
From pure notes
Circle ever outward
With other rhythms
The first harmonic
And hands unclasp
Then grasp.


Reclaimed wood
21” x 51″

by Boyd Lester

Shadows are long at sundown
And merge with twilight
A quietness appears
Day goes to night.
Winds soften
One may recapture
The occasional pure tone
Worn hands, curl on and on.

Each day
The attempt must be inner and outer
To see
To be ready when possible
For the dawn of a moment
The ebb and flow
As pure notes
Come and go.

(Artist Talks @ FRINGE Gallery May 26th, 2012)

(Artist Talks @ FRINGE Gallery May 26th, 2012)

Today we had artist talks at the gallery and Laura Lester, daughter of Dr. Boyd Lester, read her fathers poetic prose. It was an honor and privilege to be inspired by Dr. Lester and have Laura read alongside the art.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the gallery today!

(Preliminary sketches)

When we were first walking through the space we now occupy as FRINGE Gallery, I stumbled upon Dr. Lester’s book of poetic prose, “The Dead Pecker Bench.” Dr. Lester previously had his psychiatry practice at this location and recently retired.  As we were thinking of knocking down walls and the potential of this building from 1908, I had to pick up Boyd’s book just because of the striking title, “The Dead Pecker Bench.” When I read his poetry I was immediately amused and really identified with his message. Before finding his work I had my nose in another book and was struggling in the creative process so picking this up was chance. It was bittersweet for Dr. Lester to surrender his space to us so that we could have an art gallery. It might be fate, good timing or whatever but I truly feel something magical transpired as a result of Dr. Lester.

During renovation, the blinds that were in Dr. Lester’s psychiatry office were out on the porch ready to be discarded. I think there are some parallels to be derived from the wooden blinds and Dr. Lester retiring as well as the art that represents what is possible when others are generous and allow others to thrive. In addition, creating art from trash is very interesting and important to me and so I thought I had better scoop the blinds up. After all, it was nice wood and already cut into all these nice linear shapes. All I would need to do is break the blinds down and see what there was to work with.

The process involved some geometry and even some rendering in Solid Works before production to not only ensure stability but convey the aesthetic I was going for. I wanted these linear shapes to bend into organic forms and depict the daily ebb and flow of life as described in Dr. Lester’s poetry.

I found a formula for this project… By limiting myself to 2 factors it simplified the creative process:
A+B= C
A = Blinds | B = Poetry | C = Art

(Solid Works Rendering)

Twilight is a lighted wall sculpture that uses WAC Lighting 60W Max INVISILED Tape Lighting System. Since, LED lights are very harsh reflective lighting is used by directing the light towards the white back panel and wall to create a soft ambient light.

The “Early Morning” sculpture is an interactive toy really. It is comprised of 510 blinds on wire that stretches out to approx. 10 feet. It can be coiled and uncoiled to create a new sculpture everyday.

(“The Dead Pecker Bench” by Boyd Lester)

I would like to thank my husband for rendering Twilight in Solid Works and spending countless hours helping with the overall production of both sculptures. Boyd Lester for his poetry and generosity. David Phelps for his good advice and drill press. Christie Hackler for her infectious attitude, drive & determination. My dad, Chris Fleuridas for reflective lighting, belt sander and jig saw. My mom, Donna Fleuridas for varnish and support, Laura Lester for reading her Dad’s poetry at the artist talks and sharing the yoga / art journey… and everyone else who cheers me on to make art.




May 22, 2012 / 2012 Abstract, Gallery, News, Shows /

I have art work for sale at Urbancore pilates studio. Go by there and check out this brand new pilates studio… get fit & buy art. Urbancore is having an Opening Aug. 9th @ 6 pm (MAP)




May 22, 2012 / Gallery, News, Shows /

I will be at the FRINGE Gallery this Sat. May 26th from 3 – 5 to talk about my work in the “I See What you Are Saying” art show. The gallery will also be open from 10 am – 5 pm so please stop by.

New Abstract Work 2012

January 18, 2012 / 2012 Abstract, Gallery, News, Shows /


I finished “Rusty Cage” this month. I have been working on and off on this piece for almost a year. The canvas has about 15 layers of super heavy textured paint mixed with found objects. I call it art therapy through abstract expressionism. I paint without using intent and continue to add layers until I feel the piece has arrived. I also like to take photos at various stages to reveal all of the changes. This work ties in with my teaching at Special Care this month by using various tools like brayers, palette knives, stamps, squeegies, string, sticks and any other thing you can use to make texture. I think the kids will enjoy this tactile journey as much as I did. This work and “Gold & Ivory” is currently on view at Art Wear.



December 5, 2011 / 2011 Abstract, Gallery, News, Shows /

Thursday, December 15, 2011
5:00 – 8:00 PM
ARTWEAR / 1466 S Bryant / Edmond MAP

Complimentary wines and hor d’oeuvres.
Stop by! ARTWEAR has an outstanding selection of one of kind jewelry and housewares.

Special thanks to Christine Seo, Christie Hackler, Kelly Clark & my husband Mark Owen.