OVAC 12 X 12 : Annecto

Thanks to Mat & Jaci Hoffman for winning the bid on “Annecto” at this years 12 X 12.


Here is a step by step review of my process:

For OVAC’s 12 X 12 this year I am making a steel sculpture. By utilizing the maximum cubic space of 12″ X 12″ I am creating an optical illusion.



Step 1 Cut steel rods into 12″ segments with metal cut-saw.

Step 2 Grind off slag & polish with angle grinder.

Step 3 Create notches with angle grinder.

Step 4 Make sure the edges are flush when intersected.

8/14/12 Finished notches.

Step 5 Mig welding steel with David Phelps  guidance.

8/15/12 – 8/16/12

Step 6 Weld the joints. I love welding! I think all my years of cake decorating and hot gluing are paying off.

Step 6 Grind down the welds. I also love how 2 pieces of metal look as one after the welding and grinding process.

Step 8 Weld all 6 “x’s” together.

Step 9 Pneumatic polishing.

Step 10 Almost finished… Cut and polish a 6″ x 6″ square from granite.


Step 11 Apply clear coat varnish.


Step 12

I have decided to go minimal & not mount this sculpture on the granite for the show but will provide the granite if the buyer wants it.

I could not have produced this piece without the brilliant help of David Phelps. I feel very fortunate to be under his guidance and to work with him at his studio. It is a great learning experience and I enjoy every minute.

I am also fortunate to have the most caring and supportive husband… all my love to Mark Owen!

“Annecto” | Steel | 12′ X 12″ | 2012 (3 different views below-click image to zoom)

“Annecto” is Latin for “connect”