May 18th our art organization, FRINGE opened a brand new gallery at 4027 N. Classen Blvd. with an art show called “I See What You Are Saying.” This conceptual show involved all of the FRINGE artists to create work inspired by any form of written word. Below is the show concept and more information. When reading a story, poem or verse our brains conjure up unavoidable images, which attach to the characters, settings and themes.  These images are uniquely subjective and can only be seen by the mind’s eye, unless... Read The Rest →


I have art work for sale at Urbancore pilates studio. Go by there and check out this brand new pilates studio… get fit & buy art. Urbancore is having an Opening Aug. 9th @ 6 pm (MAP)     Share → Tweet


I will be at the FRINGE Gallery this Sat. May 26th from 3 – 5 to talk about my work in the “I See What you Are Saying” art show. The gallery will also be open from 10 am – 5 pm so please stop by. Share → Tweet


Art Focus has 2 of my paintings and a feature story on our new gallery and organization, Fringe (Oklahoma Women’s Art Organization.) Check it out on page 8. Share → Tweet