I taught art to the 2 to 4 year olds at Special Care. The plan was to go with the flow and just let the kids enjoy working with all types of different tools and paint. I sketched out an outline of downtown Oklahoma City on poster paper that was attached to the wall. I showed the kids some of various things they could use; found objects, brayers, squeegies, stamps, etc. The kids had a great time experimenting with the different shapes and working together to create a mural.¬†After the... Read The Rest →

Early Start Art

Last Friday, I taught art at my daughter’s school. I had the entire 2nd grade – some 80 students at once. They piled on the floor with clipboards eager to create their own masterpiece. Art is not offered until 3rd grade and I volunteered because I believe art is fundamental in early education. I showed them references to Kandinsky’s art as well as talk a bit about abstract art. I also showed the kids a jar filled with water and oil to demonstrate how the 2 substances never mix. Oil... Read The Rest →

New Abstract Work 2012

2012 ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM I finished “Rusty Cage” this month. I have been working on and off on this piece for almost a year. The canvas has about 15 layers of super heavy textured paint mixed with found objects. I call it art therapy through abstract expressionism. I paint without using intent and continue to add layers until I feel the piece has arrived. I also like to take photos at various stages to reveal all of the changes. This work ties in with my teaching at Special Care this month... Read The Rest →