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Fringe at Verbode
fringe at verbode

Fringe at Verbode

Fringe: Women Artists of Oklahoma Co-Founders and Members
Opening at Verbode to benefit The Homeless Alliance

A new art show, Ethos, will feature the work of Fringe: Women Artists of Oklahoma members Christie Hackler, Christie Owen, Behnaz Sohrabian, and Katie Henderson. Fringe is a collective of professional women artists in Oklahoma working in a variety of media and styles.

Opening Reception
Thursday, September 27
6 pm to 9 pm


Free & open to the public
Meet the artists

Hors d’oeuvres & libations
Vanessa House Beer

Christie Hackler and Christie Owen co-founded Fringe in 2010 with the goal of helping female artists find success. Although 65-75 percent of MFA students are women, female artists account for only 27 percent of solo exhibitions. A mere five percent of artworks at major museums were created by women. Ethos gives physical expression to the feelings of being alive. Fringe artists will donate a portion of all art sales from the show to The Homeless Alliance.

Visitor Hours:
Mon – Fri // 9 am to 5 pm

Show Closes:
Nov. 16, 2018

Artist Talk:
Oct. 20 // 10 am to 1 pm

For more information about Fringe and its member artists, visit 


September 2, 2016 / Photography /
Christie Owen, Perch'd, Sunshine Gadbury, Oklahoma Designer Showhouse, Oklahoma Interior Design, Oklahoma Art, Oklahoma Artist, Christie Fleuridas, Christie OWen, Christie Fleuridas Owen, Christie Owen Art, Hive Design Team, Stark & Basic


Featured designer Sunshine Gadbury, Perch’d & artist Christie Owen are among many of the artists and designers showcasing their talents at The Oklahoma Designer Show House which will be open for viewing from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 9-11 and Sept. 16-18.

3101 Oakdale Ridge Court

Advance tickets:
$10 and can be purchased at Designer’s Market
11900 N. Santa Fe
{Tickets are $15 if purchased at the door}

Proceeds from this year’s event will benefit Free to Live Animal Sanctuary, a nonprofit shelter for stray, abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats. For more information about the home, designers and sponsors, visit


September 2, 2016 / Photography /
Christie Owen The Collective Edmond Oklahoma


If you missed the Opening Reception you can stop in The Collective from now until October 18th, 2016 to see an all black & white art show by Christie Owen inspired by simplicity and balance. Christie infuses graphic and organic elements in her paintings to reflect a “less is more” outlook on life and art. Making art is a way for her to escape the technological realm, contemplate modern living and nature and then communicate how each domain influences another. It is her intention to engage the viewer to utilize the art, fill a void with something beautiful and evoke a sense of tranquility in the modern world.

The Collective a female co-working space in downtown Edmond, Oklahoma. It is a place to be present and productive, keeping home for rest and relationship. The Collective is located at 239 North Broadway, Edmond, Oklahoma.


Verbode Urban Core Artist

Featuring works by Christie Owen & Friends
Opening Reception
 April 21 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

In conjunction with Automobile Alley’s monthly “Shop Hop,” Verbode presents a new art installation by artist Christie Owen and friends. Verbode is a Downtown Real Estate Office focusing on OKC’s urban core.


The event features the work of local artist Christie Owen, who has selected Ashley Griffith and Christie Hackler to participate in a group show. The reception will showcase an array of contemporary art including paintings, sculpture and photography. It is free and open to the public. Visitors will be able to the meet the artists, enjoy hors d’oeuvres & beverages. 

Christie Owen is the 2016 Urban Core Artist in Residence at Verbode. The real estate group provides the artist with a showroom for the year and hosts quarterly openings. The collaboration between Verbode and the artist engages different cross sections of the community with local art. With each quarterly show at Verbode, the artist has the opportunity to work solo or in a group format to create dynamic and progressive exhibits for the public that reflect the flourishing creativity of the Oklahoma art community. 

Verbode is located at 415 North Broadway, Suite 101 in Oklahoma City, in the TAP Architecture Building. Exhibit opens April 21 and closes June 2, 2016. Daily viewing is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. However, please call 405-406-4468 before visiting to ensure the space is open. Sponsored by:

Click here for link to facebook event



“Stop Over” SOLD @ BD Home
Acrylic + resin on panel 36″ x 48″ x 3″

Oklahoma Contemporary


Christie Owen had the single largest sale at ART NOW 2016 at The Oklahoma Contemporary.

 Her piece “Sugar Mountain #7 & 8” sold for $15,000 at the opening reception. The diptych painting was created for the exhibition. It is 14′ x 5′ and acrylic on panel. Christie donated 50% of the sale to The Oklahoma Contemporary.



ART NOW 2016

Oklahoma Contemporary

ART NOW 2016

ArtNow, an annual exhibition and art sale, showcases works from Oklahoma’s top artists. I am honored to be selected as a participating artist. I created a large scale diptych from the “Sugar Mountain” series. Inspired by organic themes and light, the color palette is a combination of neutral whites and greys, punches of soft yellow and metallics. Exhibition: 1/11-1/22/16 Event: Friday, 1/22/16

Sugar Mountain Art Now 2016

Sugar Mountain Install Art Now 2016

Sugar Mountain inset Art Now 2016

Sugar Mountain Diptych Art Now 2016

“Sugar Mountain” #4 & #5 Diptych | Acrylic on wood panel | 14′ x 5′ x 1.5″ | 2016 | SOLD $15,000

Christie Owen Art

“Manifest” | Acrylic + resin on birch panel | 12″ x 12″ x 2.5″ | 2015 – Available for Purchase at Nault Fine Art


In conjunction with Automobile Alley’s monthly “Shop Hop,” Verbode and Istvan Gallery will be presenting a new art installation by artist Christie. Verbode is a Downtown Real Estate Office focusing on OKC’s urban core. The Artist’s Reception is scheduled for October 15 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. The show will be up through January 2016.


This collection unites several pieces from the past with new works. Taking everything into consideration, there are certain aesthetics that link these pieces together and reflect my “less is more” outlook on life and art. Small and large-scale pieces in this body of work explore abstraction, working with various mediums and organic themes.

This work draws inspiration from nature, industrial objects and matter that can withstand forces of nature. I am especially drawn to earthy hues and weathered objects that possess an austere character. By being profoundly sensitized to my surroundings, I find that often over-looked items become more intricate with closer inspection. My art relates to the journey, enduring quality and simplicity of these discoveries in accord with our ever-changing environment.

The materials and compositions in this body of work perpetually change in relation to my time and life experiences. By working intuitively and switching mediums, I am always creating something new. I am trying to draw attention to themes of transformation, capture conditional actions and mirror the way nature affects its surroundings.


As an artist and a graphic designer, I am always working on a variety of creative projects. I like to find visual solutions and utilize a variety of tools, mediums and applications to transfer concepts and techniques from project to project. As a multi-dimensional artist, I work in both 2D and 3D realms and with various mediums; mostly based in acrylic painting, wood and metal sculpture. I am influenced by modern living and nature how each domain influences each other. I create art and design to fill a void, improve emotional and environmental disposition and evoke a sense of balance and unity.

Sugar Mountain Commission

A native New Yorker, Christie Owen lives in Edmond, Oklahoma and divides her time as an artist and graphic designer. Her 2D and 3D works are included in local and national museums, galleries, public venues, private collections, and retail locations; Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, Oklahoma Contemporary, Individual Artists of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Festival of the Arts Sculpture Park, Science Museum Oklahoma, Chesapeake Arena Thunder Family V.I.P. Lounge, American Institute of Architects Oklahoma Chapter, Penn Square Mall and BD Home. She has been featured in printed publications, television shows and documentaries, including OETA Gallery, FOX 25, KSBI, KFOR Channel 4, The Oklahoman, The Gazette and Art Focus Magazine. She is Co-Founder of FRINGE Oklahoma Women’s Art Organization, Co-Founder of Wings of ART auction and gala benefiting local artists and special needs children at Special Care Inc. and owner of Hive Design Web Development and Graphic Design Studio. Christie earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from State University of New York College at Buffalo.

Verbode | 415 N Broadway Ave #101 | Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Opening: Oct 15, 2015 6 to 9 pm

Closing: Jan 15, 2015 6 to 9 pm

Contact: Istvan Gallery (405)831-2874




OKC 125

December 4, 2014 / News, Photography, Shows /

Here is my “runner up” photo I shot on a disposable camera for OKC 125. I can’t wait to see what image was selected for the opening reception!

The OKC 125 photo exhibition celebrates the 125th anniversary of Oklahoma City’s settlement will open with a public reception 4-6 p.m. Friday, Dec. 5, in The Underground, a system of pedestrian tunnels and skyways in downtown.

Curated by well-known OKC-based artist Romy Owens, OKC 125 is a public exhibition of 125 photos of downtown Oklahoma City by 125 local artists.

Artists from Edmond, Norman and OKC were given disposable cameras and 125 minutes to photograph downtown. Owens selected one image from each roll of film to be printed, matted, framed, installed and lit as part of the exhibition. Participating artists will not discover which of their photos was selected until the public unveiling at the reception.

OKC 125 artist reception

4-6 p.m. Friday, Dec. 5 – Through Feb. 27
The Underground – Downtown OKC Free
Map of the Underground


It was nice to take a break from sculpture this summer to create some commission paintings for a home in Oak Tree. I customized these works to compliment the home by using subtle color and peaceful imagery. Here are 3 of the works completed. The clients have ordered a 4th piece that I will start in August.

The client wanted a piece after Van Gogh’s “Almond Blossom’s”, a “Fall Walk” (Christie Owen original painting), and an Oklahoma landscape. The landscape was painted from a photo that (BMX legend and good friend) Mat Hoffman took of his back yard. Even though my work tends to be abstract, I do enjoy creating custom pieces to suit a clients preferences; landscapes, animals, clouds, etc. It keeps me well rounded and advancing.


OKC Festival of the Arts 2013

March 23, 2013 / News, Photography, Sculpture, Shows /


April 23-28, 2013
Downtown Oklahoma City

Sculpture Park is an area on the east lawn of Stage Center devoted entirely to showing medium and large size sculpture pieces. This curated exhibit allows only invited artists and Plaza Artists to exhibit.

I have really been into nets, tangles and webs lately. Do I feel trapped? Sometimes yes! Is this where all these ideas are coming from?

Joe Slack , curator of the Sculpture Park at the downtown Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts 2013, invited me to show my “Nodo” sculpture series this Spring.

Please see the below sketch for a reference to my sculptures for Festival of the Arts. I will be showing six spherical sculptures made from soldered copper tubing. Some sculptures will remain raw copper and the others will be powder coated or applied with a patina. I have had success working with this series and will continue to utilize this medium to create minimalist and organic sculpture in the future.

My Mom told me once that life is like a tapestry. On the front of the tapestry everything looks beautiful and perfect while the back side is knotted and imperfect. I like to think that these “tangles” are similar to that metaphor… Life can be perceived as a mess while you are going through it but the big picture, the lasting impression of your being is beautiful.


Now it is time to solder. This is a 4 ft. sculpture… If my welds come out clean I will leave this raw copper. The scrappers are going to salivate over this cluster of copper… They could get good money at the salvage yard for their meth.

“Nodo” translates to “tangle” in Latin.  The “Nodo” series originally began as an experiment using copper to sculpt. Copper appealed to me because it was both malleable and rigid. It has now evolved as a way to address the metaphorical aspects of mental perception. It is my intention that each copper sculpture represents a life’s perspective from an ebb and flow approach.

Like life’s choices, the delicate balance of free forming and bending the copper into a spherical shape is achieved by allowing the copper to bend intuitively. The overall shape of the sculpture is achieved by an effort to create a perfect circle but the sculptures exist as imperfect spheres striving for a balance between control and spontaneity.

Forcing the copper to bend is similar to having expectations in life because it is both malleable and rigid. Kinks and breaks occur when too much torque is applied. Mistakes are made and then coils are joined together by couplings revealing where the copper would not comply with too much force. These areas of the sculpture reflect mistakes, problem solving and forward thinking.

Experimentation with finishes and patinas are ever evolving. I have been using a natural patina process to force a verdigris, left copper raw to age naturally or applied a powder coat to provide a spectrum of colors. The different finishes are meant to be as individual as we are human.

As the sculptures develop in real time, it’s like viewing my life’s choices. It appears to be nothing more than a jumble of copper—tangled, coupled, occasionally changing direction, and seemingly random. But things are not always what they seem. It is only when the sculpture is finished that the art: the array of colors, the free flowing lines, and the overall shape creates something to behold. Nothing good or bad is wasted.

All soldered together… now I am going to clean it and possibly leave it raw to naturally patina.

Below is a group shot of 5 white (part of Chandelier) and 2 raw copper (OKC Arts Fest)

SOUNDSCAPES @ OKC Science Museum

December 17, 2012 / Photography /

Check out “Soundscapes” @ Science Museum Oklahoma. I have an interactive sound sculpture “Tympanum” that combines percussion and sculpture. Every month I’ll have musicians demo / play the sculpture. Check out the sounds so far and read about the creative process below…

Above: “Tympanum” center, “Umbra Frames” sides, “Ledges” back wall by Christie Owen.

FEB 2013 Jonathan Martin & Clinton Avery Tharp play my sound sculpture “Tympanum” @ Science Museum Oklahoma Feb 2013. Check out Johnathon Martin’s band The Ugly Suit & Clinton with The Grown Ups. 

Opening night this guy rocked out… Wish I got his name? Danny ? Anyway, watching and listening to people play is the most exciting part of the project.

MARCH 2013 Lance Pelligrini from Gravity Propulsion System testing my sound sculpture “Tympanum” for the first time. It’s the first time Lance or anyone else has played it!

Creative process and production below.


I am starting my project for “Soundscapes.” Simply put, I need to have a sculpture that makes sound. I am a lover of percussion instruments (my husband is a drummer) and I am brainstorming…


Researching street drummers, hank drum, tongue drum, Udu drum, Cajon, Bass Pan… From this research, my brain started to conjure up organic shapes of various materials as percussional sculpture. Tomorrow I am meeting with 2 local drummers Mark Owen (husband) and Lance Pelligrini (both formerly of the band Gravity Propulsion System) for input on set up and acoustics. I would like to have them demo the sculpture opening night.

Here is a quick sketch of my plans that harken back to “Ex Nihilio” ( a steel sculpture I made for “Make art not Trash”.) Same sculptural concept overall, just with an acoustic element now.

Thoughts: Cymbals will be made from floating brass plates within triangular steel casings. The floor toms, snare and bass drum may be plasticine pads laid into steel and wooden triangles depending on the sound effect.


I have been researching various percussion instruments and have not found any triangular shaped drums at all. My big question now is how does the shape affect the sound? Digging around more there are claims that the round shape of a drum allows to sound to resonate more fully plus Uniform tension at all lugs can only be achieved with a round drum. A non round shell produces different patters, corners or angles may block vibrations… But, the cajon is square! My guess is that a traditional drum like a snare, tom or kick drum has to be round for durability, tension and resonance of sound. BUT, the slit drums, steel, drums, cajon, etc are non traditional therefore I can proceed with the triangular shape.

The other question is the height. I would like to have variations on the height of these drums.

I am going to cnc these wooden slit drums out and start there. This is all experimental so I just have to start by making one first.


Solid Works Rendering / Concept


Today I submitted a grant proposal – here is an excerpt…

The Oklahoma City Science Museum is exhibiting a group show entitled “Soundscapes” February 9th, 2013. I have been invited to participate and I am asking for financial assistance as I am currently working on this project.

My concept for this show is to present a variety of hybrid percussive sculptures titled “Tympanum.” (Latin = Drum) I am presenting 8 to 9 modular structures of various heights and sizes that produce specific acoustics when struck with mallets. Triangular prisms form the base of the sculptures and are made from stained wood. The percussion heads are comprised of both metal and wood in various configurations to produce distinct tones. The base of each drum is a resonating chamber for the sound vibrations created when the tops are struck. Additionally, I have been asked to create wall pieces. To correspond with the freestanding sculptures, I will have multiple triangular wall pieces constructed from stained wood and steel attached to the wall. Some with acoustic elements and others as complimentary visuals, this assemblage will also allow reconfigurations in overall composition.

The fusion of sound and image lead me to research percussion instruments. From buskers banging on pots and pans for money, Caribbean steel pannists, legendary jazz and rock drummers to primitive people beating drums made of hollowed trees, the notion any material could become a drum gave way to my design.

An ancient type of idiophone called a tongue drum captured my attention. The tongue drum is one of the oldest instruments in human history. It is an enclosed rectangular box made of hardwood with slits on the top. The shell becomes the resonating chamber for the sound vibrations created when the tongues are struck.  I also stumbled upon the hang drum, which is similar in design but made from metal. These instruments are referred to as “drums” but are specifically called “struck idiophones.”

Through research, I also observed a profound dichotomy between wood and metal instruments. The contrast of materials produces a sensory message both carnal and industrial. Wood produces rich warm sounds representing the forest whereas metal tones ring and evoke ethereal and almost galactic vibes.

My work is generally minimalist in form and composition usually with an organic theme. I chose the prism shape for its simplistic aesthetic and to give the user configurative options and ergonomic comfort; the drum sculptures can be played individually, arranged together or apart in any order.

This project is innovative with respect to the triangular design. I have not found the triangular shape in any class of drums and discovered a non-round shell creates different patters of sound.

The Soundscapes exhibit allows my work to cross over to an auditory platform creating a limitless acoustic palette. This sculptural exploration of percussionist power revolutionizes concepts in sound and design while it engages the viewer to become participant.


Richie Knapp came up to the studio today. He is a wood expert and builds beautiful contemporary cabinets. He recommended I check out Pheonix Hardwood and Supply for the hardwood tops. Thanks for coming up to the studio Richie. It’s so awesome to have resourceful and sharing people around me. Check out Richie’s work.


K.I.S.S. “Keep it simple stupid”

My design is getting more simplified. More efficient. Making more sense to me. Last night my husband and I cut 30° angles on the table saw for the triangular bases. The sides are 3/4 Oak ply. We tried to do a 60° mitered corner but the process was not consistent and a little scary. Mark (my husband) made a jig for the table saw but running some of the larger sheets through was hit or miss on the cuts.

Today I am rounding up the hardwood for the tops. Going to Pheonix Hardwood & Ply.

Here is the revision for the tops.

Here is the wall design… The Science Museum wall are very large and beige so I am going with whites for contrast…

1.18.13 – 1.22.13

Thanks to Butch and Cynthia Curry!!! They spent the weekend with us prepping and running the CNC table to get the hardwood and plywood cut. I could hardly contain myself while I watched the CNC machine perform. Super super exciting!!!

Butch Curry


Some of the hardwood pieces are sounding good. They look super nice… but want to get them sounding cool. The hardwood is 1″ thick so we might plane it down 3/4″ and then 1/2″ to see what happens. It’s clear that the steel sheets do not resonate at all on the wooden chambers but they do when suspended. At this point, everything is cut out, looks great and now just needs to sound nice.

Sapele (African Mahogany) Hardwood with CNC slots cut out.

Plasma CNC on Perforated Sheet Metal

This one has 3 different tones. My husband Mark is gold… He has become my shop slave. It’s a fair trade afterall, I worked for him for 10 years… ha ha!

Additional art for the show. These will be suspended from the ceiling with lights passing through to create shadows. I thought of white washing the plywood. Did a sample and decided to go with raw material look instead.

Poor Ever! She has been also held captive at the studio.

1.15.13 – 1.28.13

Grinding & polishing the big gong.

My husband is testing with various mallets.

Lance Pelligrini making some nice beats.