August 31, 2012 / Inspiration, News, Sculpture /

Here is an art lesson I taught at Special Care last month.

“Roly Vessels / Bowls” are made by mixing 2 different colors of clay and rolling the clay flat and then dropping into a bowl shaped form. The kids enjoyed playing with the clay and the kids get to keep these awesome pieces of art to remember all the fun.

Huge thanks to Chesapeake Operation Blue for the hands on help w/ the kiddos and Cynthia Curry for firing these beauties in her kiln. Michael Collins and Special Care for the opportunity.


OVAC 12 X 12 : Annecto

August 14, 2012 / News, Shows /

Thanks to Mat & Jaci Hoffman for winning the bid on “Annecto” at this years 12 X 12.


Here is a step by step review of my process:

For OVAC’s 12 X 12 this year I am making a steel sculpture. By utilizing the maximum cubic space of 12″ X 12″ I am creating an optical illusion.



Step 1 Cut steel rods into 12″ segments with metal cut-saw.

Step 2 Grind off slag & polish with angle grinder.

Step 3 Create notches with angle grinder.

Step 4 Make sure the edges are flush when intersected.

8/14/12 Finished notches.

Step 5 Mig welding steel with David Phelps  guidance.

8/15/12 – 8/16/12

Step 6 Weld the joints. I love welding! I think all my years of cake decorating and hot gluing are paying off.

Step 6 Grind down the welds. I also love how 2 pieces of metal look as one after the welding and grinding process.

Step 8 Weld all 6 “x’s” together.

Step 9 Pneumatic polishing.

Step 10 Almost finished… Cut and polish a 6″ x 6″ square from granite.


Step 11 Apply clear coat varnish.


Step 12

I have decided to go minimal & not mount this sculpture on the granite for the show but will provide the granite if the buyer wants it.

I could not have produced this piece without the brilliant help of David Phelps. I feel very fortunate to be under his guidance and to work with him at his studio. It is a great learning experience and I enjoy every minute.

I am also fortunate to have the most caring and supportive husband… all my love to Mark Owen!

“Annecto” | Steel | 12′ X 12″ | 2012 (3 different views below-click image to zoom)

“Annecto” is Latin for “connect”




August 1, 2012 / Gallery, News, Shows /

Here is my work for “Make Art : Not Trash” at Fringe gallery. Make sure to stop by this Sat. for an artist talk w/ Ron Ferrell and the Fringe artists. It is a beautiful show and reminds us all to think twice before throwing something away.

Make Art : Not Trash is an environmentally conscience event featuring a recycling inspired art show to encourage waste reduction, reuse, upcycling and a cleaner environment. Each artist has created an array of unique artwork from materials that would be normally discarded. Fringe artists hope to inspire the community through artistic and environmental expression and to change the perspectives that frame the beliefs of upcycling and reusability.

Event Photos from July 27th Opening Reception

FRINGE MEMBERS ART SHOW : On exhibit until Aug 18th | Every Sat 10 – 4 / or appt. by request (online form)

Location: Fringe Gallery : 4027 North Classen Blvd : OKC
Contact : info@fringeokc.com : 405 698 0278