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I am a featured artist at Dreamer Concepts in Norman, Oklahoma this month and into January. The opening reception is December 12th, 2nd Friday.  The exhibition will be available for viewing until late January. In addition to being the 2nd Friday Artwalk, the gallery is hosting the first ever Dreamer Flea, an urban pop up market for artists, designers, fine craftsmen and local businesses. Here are the works I have available for sale at the gallery. For more info visit Dreamer Concepts online.



August 26, 2014 / ABSTRACT PAINTING, News, Shows /

Backwards Forwards:
Art by Christie Owen
Opens at The Project Box Community Art Space in the Paseo

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, August 2014. Backwards Forwards, an exhibit of art by Oklahoma
City-based artist Christie Owen, will open on Friday, September 5 from 6-10 pm at The Project
Box, 3003 Paseo, Oklahoma City. The exhibit will run until Sept. 27.

Backwards Forwards explores the interplay of past and future in our decision-making, reflecting
on our desire to look backwards even thought we must live moving forward. Owen’s minimalist,
organic work, which includes sculpture, jewelry, and contemporary abstract painting, invites the
viewer to pause in the moment, reflect, seek tranquility amid the motion of our lives.

Owen is Co-Founder and Vice President of FRINGE, a collective of contemporary women artists
working in all fine arts media in Oklahoma City. Owen is also a graphic designer and the founder
of CO Art & Design. She has exhibited her art at museums and galleries throughout Oklahoma and beyond.

The opening, which coincides with Paseo’s First Friday Gallery Walk, will also feature Poetry
Stand by Oklahoma City poet and artist Kerri Shadid. Visitors to Poetry Stand will receive a free,
customized, spontaneous poem based on a word or idea of their choosing.

Visual artist Lisa Allswede recently opened The Project Box as a community art space dedicated
to engaging the public with contemporary art in Oklahoma City through exhibitions, workshops,
and performances. Shadid and Allswede are both FRINGE artists.

For more information on The Project Box, visit theprojectboxokc.com.

Media Contact:
Lisa Allswede


April 7, 2014 / ABSTRACT PAINTING, News, Sculpture, Shows /


Istvan Gallery Celebrates the 1st Solo Art Installation
Artist: Christie Owen
Opening Friday April 11, 2014
6 to 10 PM

“Intermix” is collection of work exploring the bridge between art and design. The installation evokes a sense of balance and elation by showing a complimentary array of different mediums in one exhibit. Artist Christie Owen allows the multitude of mediums she works with; paint, steel, copper and wood to guide her craft. “My paintings are created without intention and involve a primal performance of scraping acrylic paint and building texture with layers of color. I mix my own palette of hues from primary colors and enjoy all of the surprises” states Owen.

The artist intends her work to feel balanced and minimal with the right kind of imperfection. Conversely, her sculpture, furniture and jewelry require intention and planning. Per the artist “My sculpture is born from a need to fill a spatial void. I see negative space and imagine a form in its place. Utilizing steel, copper and wood I explore geometry and function to create minimalist clarity and organic compositions.” Always evolving, Owen seeks new development as an artist and designer. Her discoveries in one medium transcend to the other disciplines.

Artist Statement

Searching for environmental and emotional tranquility, my art is a result of looking for visual solutions. It is a way to escape the technological realm, contemplate modern living, nature and communicate how each domain influences another. I utilize a range of mediums to create minimalist and organic art. It is my intention to engage the viewer to utilize the art, fill a void with something beautiful, improve emotional and environmental disposition and evoke a sense of balance in the modern world.

Owen creates art to escape from the fast pace of the digitally engineered world. With themes ranging from texture and light to nature and seasons, her art is an eclectic fusion of ideas and images blending modernism and minimalism. The artist enjoys the opportunity creating art gives her not only to slow down and pause an experience, but also to capture and preserve it. With a playful and organic feel, her paintings, sculptures and jewelry utilize a variety of techniques and applications to create a sense of enduring tranquility and beauty.

The April solo installation at Istvan Gallery will debut with an artists’ reception that is free and open to the public, Friday, April 11 from 6 to 10 p.m. The event will include light hors d’oeurves and beverages. Visitors can also observe glass blowing demonstrations by artists at Blue Sage Studio. The installation will continue through April 26.


February 5, 2014 / News, Shows /

The next two months will be intense. I have a lot on my plate… but I am working hard and hopefully smart to accomplish my artistic goals. I have been painting in the front portion of the studio because the back (where the metal/wood shop is located) is without heat. It is good anyway to take a break from sculpture and enjoy painting without restraint.

What’s coming up?

FEB 13th 7 pm // Oklahoma Sculptors Society – Giving a 1 hr lecture about my art & design

MARCH 7 6:30 – 9:30 pm // Museum of Osteology – Teaching an adult art lesson

MARCH 29th // wings of ART auction & gala March 29th 2014 – Directing/organizing/exhibiting

APRIL 2014 // Solo show @ Istvan Gallery – Enclaves from my paintings, lighting, furniture, jewelry

+ Possibly doing the Sculpture Park @ OKC Festival of the Arts again this year

Sgt. Schultz patrolling and inspecting.

My painting method is spontaneous and very textural. Sometimes my work will have 2 to 10 paintings underneath the final layer. It is a process that I go through to achieve a desired effect. Every color and stroke is based on my current state of emotions. This way of painting is very primal and expressive for me but the final product can look minimal and organic.

It’s nice to not have to contemplate a painting and it’s message. I just want my work to be pleasing to the viewer.

I will keep posting my work as I progress… thanks for stopping by:)





August 8, 2013 / News, Shows /

We are currently seeking the best local Oklahoma artists in every visual arts
medium to participate in the Winter 2014 Wings of Art event.

This is a great opportunity to sell your work and help the kids at Special Care.
No entry fee. Donate any percentage of your art work sales for a great cause.
No conceptual theme. Show what you do best. Old or new work is acceptable.
Open to men and women artists age 25+

Send a proposal to: info@fringeokc.com SUBJECT: WINGSOFART
Deadline to submit your proposal by November 1st, 2013
Please include:
contact information
image of the proposed art work
dimensions, medium & price

Accepted artists will be notified December 1st, 2013.

Event location Istvan Gallery
March 29th 6:00 – 10:00 pm

Please share this opportunity with other local artists.
specialcareinc.org • fringeokc.com

Click Here to view and join – Link to event on facebook 

For more information:

Christie Owen  Fringe Vice President & Marketing Director  www.fringeokc.com

Michael Collins  Special Care Marketing and Promotions Director  specialcareinc.org

“Special Care is one of the most important organizations in Oklahoma City that is absolutely non-profit and all about giving back. I believe our “Wings of Art” event could not only be something unique and very special to this organization and the special needs kids who attend here, but also a way we could align ourselves with local artists with a absolute goal of selling each and every piece of art submitted and in return we only ask that they donate a portion of the proceeds back to the school (amount doesn’t matter, it is more about doing something for the community, the kids, giving our parents, teachers, local artists and friends a fun night out while raising awareness that children are children first despite their abilities). I am very excited about this happening and the possibilities of turning it into an annual event that serves such a great cause.”
— Michael Collins, Special Care Event Chair


It was nice to take a break from sculpture this summer to create some commission paintings for a home in Oak Tree. I customized these works to compliment the home by using subtle color and peaceful imagery. Here are 3 of the works completed. The clients have ordered a 4th piece that I will start in August.

The client wanted a piece after Van Gogh’s “Almond Blossom’s”, a “Fall Walk” (Christie Owen original painting), and an Oklahoma landscape. The landscape was painted from a photo that (BMX legend and good friend) Mat Hoffman took of his back yard. Even though my work tends to be abstract, I do enjoy creating custom pieces to suit a clients preferences; landscapes, animals, clouds, etc. It keeps me well rounded and advancing.



July 25, 2013 / Inspiration, News, Sculpture, Shows /

My next show with FRINGE. I designed the postcards and decided to use absinthe inspired art. I will also be showing 6 new 6″ x 6″ wall sculptures and some pieces from my Nodo series.
The images below are just a preview of some of the work… There has to be some element of surprise for the show. I will post more images of the show and my work after the opening reception.


Dream States
6″ x 6″ Mixed Media Wall Sculptures
As we go along for the ride, our dreaming can take us through vivid narratives we barely remember. This series attempts to reflect the fragmented experiences and stages we are able to encounter asleep or awake.

Nodo Visio
When dreaming things are not what they seem and the impulsive and tangled visions encountered can leave us lost in beautiful and entertaining moments. Like a vision in my dream, this sculpture is a captivating remnant of interlaced occurences and random exploration.

Latin translation:
nodo = tangle/knot
visio = vision

Suitable for Sculpture / Indoor / Outdoor / Lighting
Custom Finishes Available

opening reception with the artists
PASEO 1st FRIDAY AUGUST 2nd, 2013 6 to 10PM
closing date
AUGUST 31st, 2013
exhibition location
gallery hours + contact
WEDS – SAT 12 to 5 PM • 405-606-2522
more information
fringeokc.com • akagallery.net

From the frightening creatures that crawled from the floorboards to haunt our youthful slumber to our struggle to comprehend the symbolism behind the nocturnal chimeras of adulthood, our dreams inspire us, terrify us, comfort us, and provide an endless mental labyrinth of imagination and possibility. Even our daydreams provide us with respite and often result in increased creativity and innovative thought. With “Reverie”, the women of FRINGE bring to light the visions that were borne of the dark.

Juried group exhibition featuring art from:
Christie Hackler, Christie Owen, Angela Westerman, Lisa Jean Allswede,
Brandi Downham, Sarah Day Short, Krystle Brewer, Mary Ketch,
Brooke Rowlands, Debra Ashley & Vanessa Lango.

VITALITY Medical Spa Summer 2013

July 23, 2013 / Gallery, News, Shows /

I have over 20 of my original paintings on display at Vitality Medical Center this summer. Vitality is a brand new medical and cosmetic center in OKC. I recently enjoyed a derma-facial there and highly recommend a visit. Please come to Vitality’s Evening Reception Aug 8th 4 to 8 pm to see my work and check out what Vitality has to offer. MAP


May 10, 2013 / News, Sculpture, Shows /

I designed these show graphics for Locus using the 3 rings to represent all geographic locations and cultures. In an effort create a simplified icon of unity I chose neon variations of the 3 primary colors. The primary colors relevance is attributed to the principle that all colors can be created from red, blue and yellow. Just as all cultures in society evolve from the same human roots and blend together to create more diverse civilizations.

I am showing an installation from the Nodo series at this show. Istvan Gallery sold the white one and I have since replaced it with a larger raw Nodo.

Nodo Series Copper, powder coat Nodo # 15 (Sky blue) 12” — $200 Nodo # 14 (Red) 12“ — $200 Nodo (White) 22” — $500 sold Nodo #12 (Raw) 24” — $600 Nodo # 11 (Black) 36” — $1500


Even though our lives may seem complicated at times, the big picture is remarkably beautiful. Each bundled sphere represents the complexity and characteristics of individual people from all over the world. Joined together these sculptures represent unity, strength in numbers, beauty and diversity as cultures merge together peacefully. “Nodo” translates to “tangle” in Latin. Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor / Lighting Custom Finishes Available


In every corner of the world people interact with physical objects or intangible sensations, languages, or customs, which reflect and enrich every society. Each involves the human being in different ways by capturing and representing diverse environmental practices, ethnic traditions, social behaviors and experiences through forms, colors, symbols, or creative acts. The women of FRINGE, OKC’s Women’s Art Organization, will be hosting LOCUS: A Journey of Culture and Cultivation. The show’s focus is how “place” arouses their soulful cultivation and enlightenment in their work.

Participating artists are:

AK Westerman

Beatriz Mayorca

Brandi Downham

Cassandra Wozniak

Christie Hackler

Christie Owen

Debra Ashley

Jeanne Ward

Jessica Craddock

Lisa Allswede

Mary Ketch

Vanessa Lango

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: Call Christie Owen: 604-7947 / fringeokc.com & istvangallery.com

1218 North Western Avenue • Oklahoma City
Tuesday — Friday 4 pm – 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm
or call for a private appointment # 405.831.2874

OKC Festival of the Arts 2013

March 23, 2013 / News, Photography, Sculpture, Shows /


April 23-28, 2013
Downtown Oklahoma City

Sculpture Park is an area on the east lawn of Stage Center devoted entirely to showing medium and large size sculpture pieces. This curated exhibit allows only invited artists and Plaza Artists to exhibit.

I have really been into nets, tangles and webs lately. Do I feel trapped? Sometimes yes! Is this where all these ideas are coming from?

Joe Slack , curator of the Sculpture Park at the downtown Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts 2013, invited me to show my “Nodo” sculpture series this Spring.

Please see the below sketch for a reference to my sculptures for Festival of the Arts. I will be showing six spherical sculptures made from soldered copper tubing. Some sculptures will remain raw copper and the others will be powder coated or applied with a patina. I have had success working with this series and will continue to utilize this medium to create minimalist and organic sculpture in the future.

My Mom told me once that life is like a tapestry. On the front of the tapestry everything looks beautiful and perfect while the back side is knotted and imperfect. I like to think that these “tangles” are similar to that metaphor… Life can be perceived as a mess while you are going through it but the big picture, the lasting impression of your being is beautiful.


Now it is time to solder. This is a 4 ft. sculpture… If my welds come out clean I will leave this raw copper. The scrappers are going to salivate over this cluster of copper… They could get good money at the salvage yard for their meth.

“Nodo” translates to “tangle” in Latin.  The “Nodo” series originally began as an experiment using copper to sculpt. Copper appealed to me because it was both malleable and rigid. It has now evolved as a way to address the metaphorical aspects of mental perception. It is my intention that each copper sculpture represents a life’s perspective from an ebb and flow approach.

Like life’s choices, the delicate balance of free forming and bending the copper into a spherical shape is achieved by allowing the copper to bend intuitively. The overall shape of the sculpture is achieved by an effort to create a perfect circle but the sculptures exist as imperfect spheres striving for a balance between control and spontaneity.

Forcing the copper to bend is similar to having expectations in life because it is both malleable and rigid. Kinks and breaks occur when too much torque is applied. Mistakes are made and then coils are joined together by couplings revealing where the copper would not comply with too much force. These areas of the sculpture reflect mistakes, problem solving and forward thinking.

Experimentation with finishes and patinas are ever evolving. I have been using a natural patina process to force a verdigris, left copper raw to age naturally or applied a powder coat to provide a spectrum of colors. The different finishes are meant to be as individual as we are human.

As the sculptures develop in real time, it’s like viewing my life’s choices. It appears to be nothing more than a jumble of copper—tangled, coupled, occasionally changing direction, and seemingly random. But things are not always what they seem. It is only when the sculpture is finished that the art: the array of colors, the free flowing lines, and the overall shape creates something to behold. Nothing good or bad is wasted.

All soldered together… now I am going to clean it and possibly leave it raw to naturally patina.

Below is a group shot of 5 white (part of Chandelier) and 2 raw copper (OKC Arts Fest)